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World's First
X-Lab (S) Pte Ltd is a full fletched bio-technology company which has implemented the world's first breakthrough technology to make previously non-soluble substances, soluble, in a natural and pure form without any chemical modification or use of prohibitive substances.
Presently the use of solubilised technology in the pharmaceutical realm is applied in the fastest growing class of drugs, serving patients with diseases ranging from diabetes and cancer, to cardiovascular and neurological diseases.
The therapeutic value of solubilisation is well documented and new generation drug applications show improved therapeutic efficacy in potency, delivery and time action, and other curative properties.
Now, we have taken the benchmark even higher.

Beyond Barriers
Our ground-breaking Solubilisation Technology allows compounds to go far below the Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC) barrier by 10-7 and be completely absorbed by the human body. Our technology reduces formerly fat-soluble only compounds to a significantly smaller particle size and this allows them to pass through a water-soluble barrier. This results in a steadier diffusion of the compound in water and since particle size reduction means that a higher portion is available for the body to use, there is a tremendous increase in the active compound crossing the intestinal barrier and being absorbed directly into the body's blood stream.
With this advancement (strongly supported by our European laboratories and specialists), we have now opened the gateway to achieve up to 100% bioavailability and absorption of vitamins, nutrients and compounds for the human body.

Uncontested Market Status
This pure solubilisate not only allows for a complete reduction of toxicity released into the natural environment (since no prohibitive substances and chemicals are used), it also enables companies that embrace this breakthrough to present unmatched new products, or elevate existing products and formulations to a level where there they will enjoy uncontested status and dominate the market place.

Infinite Applications
The flexibility of our technology also has infinite applications. It can be easily applied to diverse industries -- including but not limited to Beverages, Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Agriculture – over a wide range of substances and compounds. This presents market players an opportunity to consolidate their position and leave all competition behind. With up to 100 per cent bioavailability, the direct benefit to consumers will be unrivalled and forward looking companies that adopt our solubilisation breakthrough will stand to reap their loyalty for years to come.

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